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 Messages From Loved Ones In Spirit Reading (online)

Messages From Loved Ones In Spirit, is where I connect to Spirit World to channel and bring messages through from your deceased family and friends. I will bring specific, accurate information through about your loved one which will evidence without a shadow of a doubt, that our loved ones remain close to us even after physical death.


Your loved ones in Spirit will give me memories or connections that are specific to you and to them. They tell me about events and people that are around you now, as well as passing on their wisdom and guidance to help you in your physical life now and for the future. I have done thousands of readings during my career, and clients say that they cannot doubt the proof of life after death as the information I provide I couldn't possibly even guess at.

My readings are messages, guidance, counselling and healing all rolled into one, and I am so humbled by the amazing feedback from my clients, and from my ability as a Clairvoyant Medium, to be able to help bring comfort, clarity and hope to those that are grieving.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that specific people will come through from Spirit World, they are in charge, not me! Therefore, please have an open mind before coming to your session.


£45 - 30 minutes / £65 - 45 minutes

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