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Past Life Regression (online)

What Are Past Lives? 

What you have to understand before discovering Past Lives is how we are made in the first place. As a Human Being we are made up of Spirit Energy and Matter. Our body is merely a vehicle which allows us to experience life on the earth plane, and for us to feel all the human emotions that we have evolved to feel. We have an allotted time here on the earth plane and during that time we are to journey along the path of life learning lessons that were agreed to by our ‘Soul’ before we came in to our bodies at birth here on the earth plane.


 We are ‘Spirit’ energy before we come in to our body, and we are ‘Spirit’ energy when our ‘body’ ceases to function anymore and we ‘die’ and pass back in to the world of Spirit World once more. 

It matters not who you see in the mirror every day, you are NOT your body. What you see in your reflection is the vehicle which is allowing you to have human experiences in this lifetime. Your ‘Soul’ or ‘Spirit’ is made up of a bit of every one you have ever been in every incarnation, and this is where feelings of ‘Deja vu’ come from.


 The thousands of stories of people remembering their past lives or knowing their way around a place that they have never been to before in this lifetime, are too graphic to be the work of the imagination. 

How Does Regression Work? 

In a Regression session the client is put in to a relaxing state and the Therapist then connects with your ‘Subconscious’ or ‘Soul’ so you can then tell the Therapist what you are seeing and experiencing in your previous incarnations. I work on a dual level with my clients as sometimes difficulties they have in this lifetime were created in a past life and they have brought it over with them. Sometimes clients do not know what is causing their issues in this life, Regression Therapy, helps to uncover the ROOT CAUSE, which means it can then be healed.


As well as the session being informative to who you have been before, if you have brought any negative behaviour, fears or emotions with you from a previous lifetime, I will help you to eliminate that as well, so it no longer affects you in your future. Most people who have Past Life Regression begin to understand that there is more to life than they ever believed before, as they are seeing it for themselves. Past Life Regression can help you heal:

  • Negative Money Mindset

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Confidence Issues

  • Past Trauma

  • Romantic Love Relationships

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Indecision & Procrastination

  • Business Success Blocks

  • Self Image Issues & more...


                                     £97 - 90 mins



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