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About Me



Judith is a highly experienced Spiritual Empowerment Mentor, Clairvoyant Medium, Regression Therapy Expert, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, and creator of the Forensic Reprogramming Transformation Technique© and the Rapid Regression Technique© which she has used over many years to generate highly successful, deep powerful inner transformation work for her clients worldwide. Many clients come to Judith after having other therapies that have failed, and are amazed by the results her work provides. Judith has been on radio, featured in national magazines & podcasts.

The transformational healing that Judith uses with her clients, is unique because it combines therapy, coaching and spiritual empowerment, which heals the mind, body & soul. Judith experienced significant changes in her life after healing her own childhood wounds which she did not realise were the cause of her success & happiness 'blocks', and has helped thousands of people to Release Their Past, Heal Their Present & Ignite Their Future, with the Therapy & Coaching Programs she provides.


My Journey

I have always known things about people from being a little girl, and used to talk to ‘Imaginary Friends’, which I now know to be ‘Spirit’. I had a very traumatic and challenging childhood and I was in and out of the care system, until being permanently fostered at the age of twelve.

Even though paranormal things happened to me all my life, I was not a believer in the afterlife until 2005 when I contracted Meningitis and Encephalitis and nearly died. I had a Near Death Experience and saw an Angelic Being, which told me I had much work to do! I thought I had imagined the whole thing, until I started hearing voices when I came home from hospital and thought I had gone mad! 

My work has evolved and transformed from where I started on my spiritual journey, I have gone from working as a 'Medium' to becoming a spiritual teacher, with my connection to my guides & channelling ability.

I have helped thousands of people from all walks of life with my connection to ‘source’. I have seen celebrities, been on radio, appeared in magazines such as ‘Spirit & Destiny’ & ‘Chat ‘its Fate’ and published a book in 2018 which went to #1 on Amazon. I have clients all over the world and feel very humbled by all the amazing testimonials and feedback I have received over the years.

During this time I trained in Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), so I could help my clients in a more meaningful way, and I have successfully treated thousands of clients to heal all aspects of their lives, and have found that in the majority of cases the reasons that we suffer as adults is because of the effects of the childhood we endured. Our childhood defines all areas of our lives as adults such as: Relationships, Money, Careers, Health, Self-Worth & much more. Occasionally, our 'blocks' are caused by something in a past life, which is why people do not heal, because traditional therapy will never uncover it. Before you can heal you have to discover the 'root' cause, anything else is just a sticking plaster and will not last. 

I have combined my spiritual knowledge with my therapy to create a unique inner healing process that not only discovers and eliminates the 'root' causes of your emotional issues, or success blocks, but also teaches you to connect to your own intuition which allows you to transform your life, step into your spiritual empowerment & fulfil your highest potential.

Life is much too short to spend it suffering.

Love & Blessings,

​Judith xx

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