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'Awakening' The Spiritual Transformation & Healing Experience

​Hello beautiful soul!


Thank you for being here and for thinking about joining our amazing, life transforming online group therapy and coaching program... 'AWAKENING' - Healing Your Fears & Past Traumas Through Spirituality...

I am SO excited for the journey you are about to embark on and how it will enhance your life for the better...

Are you ready to move away from living a limiting life towards living a limitless life?

This transformational group program is for you if you are a woman interested in spirituality, and you wish to deepen your understanding, awareness & connection to universal energies. This program will help you to develop your own intuition to receive guidance, & to heal your fears and emotional wounds from your past trauma and experiences that block your success & happiness, and stop you living the life you desire. This experience will allow you to start living fearlessly, help you understand the 'mind, body & soul connection', and what has caused your emotional or physical illnesses, and help you overcome them. This program will teach you how to create abundance in all areas of your life, and help you discover your purpose so you can fulfil your highest potential.

My Story

 Spirituality saved my life, literally...

This ​program is for those of you just starting out on your spiritual journey who wants to learn everything you can for your own spiritual self development, or if you have been on the path a while but want to learn how to heal your emotional & physical struggles in life. This is for you if you feel:

  • Lost & confused a lot of the time

  • Like you have no purpose or cannot find yours

  • Like a rowing boat that has lost its oars

  • You are lacking direction in your life

  • That you make the same mistakes over and over

  • Anxious about the future

  • Stuck in certain areas of your life but can't find the blocks

  • Fearful about the decisions and choices you make

  • That the past keeps haunting you and you want to break free from it

  • Feel down a lot, or your mind runs a constant negative narrative 

  • Like you are just not good enough

Hi, I'm Judith Hindle, let me introduce myself...

I am the bestselling author of the spiritual development book 'The True Meaning of life' which has reached #1 on Amazon three times since its release in 2018, and has helped many people who want to learn all about spirituality...

I am a Clairvoyant Medium, Therapist & Spiritual Teacher, who has helped over 100,000 people over the last seventeen years through my spiritual guidance readings, regression therapies, spiritual counselling and workshops. I serve clients globally over Zoom, and have met some amazing clients, including celebrities, and have featured on radio, national magazines and newspapers. Clients say they love my direct non 'woo woo' approach in everything I do, I am not a rainbow and unicorn type person.

I love helping people to Release Their Past, Heal Their Present & Ignite Their Future, through spiritual understanding and development. I have been helping clients to heal their emotional struggles for fourteen years, and developed the 'Forensic Reprogramming Transformation Technique'© which was part channelled by Spirit World, and forms the healing part of this program...


My mission is to empower you to become your own guru in life so you no longer have to suffer, and to teach you how to connect to your own inner guidance and intuition to help you connect to your individual purposes and fulfil your highest potential in your lifetime... 

How Will This Program Help Me?


This program will help you to heal your emotional struggles created from your past experiences by reprogramming your fears and self-sabotaging behaviours so they no longer control your mindset and choices in life, which will allow you to create love & abundance in all areas of your life and allow you to fulfil your highest potential and live your life with purpose and in total alignment, no longer feeling depressed about your past or anxious about your future.


You will no longer feel stuck or confused about your life as by the end of this program you will have complete direction, clarity, confidence & a clear and calm mind...


By the end of the program you will start putting yourself and your needs first, instead of last. You will stop people pleasing and comparing yourself to others. You will understand the whole of your life from a spiritual perspective which will allow you to no longer be a victim of life, just a powerful, manifesting, co-creator! 


'AWAKENING' Program Content



All modules are pre-recorded so you can progress through the program at your own pace with no time constraints. There is a group coaching call every week and you have full 1:1 access & support from me too...

Module 1 - Acceptance Of Self:

In this module we learn why accepting yourself just as you are is so important as part of your spiritual progression, you will learn why you were born and understand your beautiful uniqueness! You will experience a deep, healing meditation to help you do this as part of this module. This is where your spiritual healing journey begins!

Module 2 - Acceptance Of Your Life Right Now:

Acceptance is the first step in healing, and in this module you will start to understand your life from a different perspective to what you do currently. Accepting your life right now, is the place where change begins, and the life changing 'Inner Child Healing' meditation will help you to accept and heal yourself from the inside out.

Module 3 - Acceptance Of Your Past:

This is where you will start to learn the deep spiritual teachings about your soul contract, soul connections, your life blueprint, your lessons of destiny, karma, and the fundamentals of spirituality that run through each of the modules. This is a very deep transformational module, where you start the process of releasing all the negative emotional trauma from your past experiences through the healing exercises that are part of this process. This is a crucial, life changing part of the program.

Module 4 - Healing Of Self:

This is where you will start to peel back the layers of your emotional and physical struggles that block your success and happiness in life. You will understand what has brought you to your current position and start digging deeper into your inner truth and realisations. You will get to understand your 'triggers' and uncover your values, and begin to release your need for perfectionism in yourself and others. This module helps you to understand the actions of others, and 'The Wheel Of Life' exercise will show you where you are now and exactly where you want to be in all areas of your life. It shows you the work you need to do, and the actions you need to take to get you there!

Module 5 - Mind, Body & Soul Connection: 'The Mind'

In this module you will start to learn about the 'mind, body & soul connection' and in this first part of three modules, you will learn about the conscious and subconscious mind, and how your thoughts, behaviours, actions and perceptions that rule your life are created, and where they have come from. You will learn about the connection to past lives, and your ethereal connections to Spirit World. This is where your understanding and awareness really starts to come together.

Module 6 - Mind, Body & Soul Connection: 'The Body'

This module takes an in-depth look at the Human Chakra System, and what each of the Chakras are, and what negative emotions that we have built up from our traumas and experiences, which then block our energetic system, and the corresponding illnesses these can cause. This module is utterly mind blowing! 

You will learn how the mind affects the body, and how to start healing your emotional and physical struggles, because once we understand the causes, we can begin to heal them. 

Module 7 - Mind, Body & Soul Connection: 'The Soul'

This is where you will learn about your Aura, and the different levels it has, and you will learn the purpose of your soul, and how your soul sends you messages and signals through your 'intuition' and 'gut instinct'. This is where the 'Trinity' of the 'mind, body & soul' connection comes together. This module teaches you how to start seeing not only your own Aura, but the Auras of all living things. There is an incredible Chakra Healing Meditation called 'Journey To The Crystal Cavern', which takes you on an experience to meet and be healed by Angels.

Module 8 - Where Does Fear Come From?

This is the beginning of the 'Forensic Reprogramming Transformation Technique ©' part of the program. This module takes an in-depth look into what fear is, what are the causes, and how it affects our daily lives. You will begin to understand your own fears and start to peel back the layers which will allow you to see them for what they really are, not what you have perceived them to be all of your life up to now.

Module 9 - What Are We Really Scared Of?

In this highly enlightening module you will discover how your past experiences & childhood environments, (Key Foundations) and your family, peers, people in authority, the media etc; (Key Influencers), have created the majority of the fears, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that suppress your life and stop you creating and achieving the life and relationships you really want. This is where pleasing others stops, and learning to please yourself starts.

Module 10 - How Are Our Beliefs Created?

This is where we take an in-depth look at the correlation between our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions, and how they create the vibration and frequency we operate on. This module reveals why you keep attracting the same negative patterns into your life again and again, why you keep getting into the same bad love relationships, friendships, careers, etc... It shows you what is causing blockages in financial security, success, happiness & all areas of life, and how to start changing them!

Module 11 - Discover The Origins Of Our Beliefs:

This is where you finally uncover the 'Root Causes' of the limiting beliefs that have plagued you all of your life up to now. You will discover that in most cases they were not even your beliefs, but what has been installed into you by others all of your life! This module will start to completely transform your life, as it includes a 'Regression Meditation' to uncover any root causes that are stored in your subconscious mind, which may have even been been brought over as part of your lessons from a past life! You will uncover exactly what or who, has been sabotaging your life and you will start to take control back of your own mind!

Module 12 - How Our Beliefs Create Our Reality:

This module is the culmination of the last few modules. This is where I take you through the  'Reprogramming Technique' that will reprogram all your old fears and self-sabotaging beliefs that you have operated from all of your life, and transform them into the new, truthful beliefs that you have discovered during the work you have done during the last few modules. I will not describe the process here, as that is a crucial part of this program and is only available to the members in this program. There is also a 'Cutting Of The Energetic Cords' meditation that will disconnect you from any negative energy connection to people from your past. This is the where the new you is born!

Module 13 - Freedom From Fear Forever!

In this module I will teach you the '4 Pillars Of Alignment'© The pillars show you the process of how to connect to your mind, heart, intuition, and soul, before making any important decisions and choices in your life. When you are making choices that are in total alignment, you will never make a bad decision again! When you make decisions from love and inner truth, your path will open up, and success in your life is guaranteed as it can't be any other way. This process will teach you how to make life decisions in all areas, Career, finance, relationships, house moves etc...It will completely change the way you make choices in your life to ensure you only make the correct ones for you!

Module 14 - Stepping Into Your Limitless Potential!

This is the home of 'Law Of Attraction' and learning how to 'Manifest The Life You Dream Of!' In this module you will learn the 'truth' of law of attraction, manifesting, vibration, frequency, and how to co-create your own reality, not the money making, get rich quick falseness that so called 'gurus' have given it. This is the realms of cosmic law, how the Universe actually operates, and in this module I will teach you some Universal Laws, that you need to understand before you can create the life you want. I will teach you the difference between 'destiny' & 'fate', and how to follow the signals and breadcrumbs that your soul is trying to communicate to you, which will lead you down the path you chose for this life before you incarnated. This module will help you to gain abundance in all areas of your life, such as: Health, Wealth, Love, Career and Connection to the Divine Intelligence. Not only will you set the goals and intentions for your life ahead, but you will be able to now achieve them too!

Module 15 - Living In Love, Trust & Gratitude!

This is the last module. It is where everything you have learned, discovered, realised, and healed, comes together. This module shows you how to move forward in your new mindset, beliefs, purpose and co-creation, and how to apply them moving forward to build a new life of living in love, trust and gratitude, and the importance of this. You will release the need for control, understanding how the 'Tapestry Of Life' links us all, and that there are never any coincidences or accidents in your life. You will understand how the Divinity is present in all areas of your life and how to trust in it to guide you. Your transformation & healing journey is complete, it's your time to step forward into your new chapter, and to go and life the life that YOU desire. This is the realm of miracles and dreams coming true; and the best bit is that you now know and believe that YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT AS YOUR NATURAL BIRTHRIGHT! 

Inside the 'AWAKENING' community I bring you:

  • Weekly live interactive group coaching calls

  • Private 'members only' Facebook group 

  • Workbooks to help you

  • Lifetime access to modules and private FB group

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me personally

  • A safe environment to connect with other members

  • All sessions are recorded to catch on replay

  • All teaching classes stored in an easy access guide

  • Monthly payment option 

  • Can cancel anytime




There will be a live interactive class every week on Zoom, which will be live streamed directly into a private 'members only' Facebook Group...So all you need for this wonderful experience is Zoom, (if you want to come on camera) or just a Facebook account...All sessions will be recorded and stored in the Facebook Group for you to catch up on replay if you miss the live session!  

Elizabeth Walsh

"I came upon Judith in the midst of my spiritual awakening. I had been through a few teachers bouncing back and forth between subjects but not really having any anchor point as to what I needed at the time and why I wasn’t able to recall and take in what I was learning. I believe there was a reason I was called to follow Judith on Facebook and then join her Awakening program. Judith is a great teacher. Though I have been through quite a few subjects on my journey Judith starts from the beginning and explains everything honestly and with integrity. She makes it easy to understand very complicated parts of spirituality and healing.

  There were many things I missed in my chaotic studies in the beginning which Judith helped me slow down and take an honest look at the information being presented. Judith passes on the knowledge and answers many hard to answer questions as best she can. She doesn’t pretend that your awakening is going to be an easy journey. She said many times that this was going to be hard but it is ultimately up to you to continue with our healing and I’m so happy that I followed my intuition and keep working in the program. If your not wanting to do the work then this program probably isn’t for you but if your willing to take an honest look at your life and want change this program is for you.

  The program was spread out so we can work at our own pace which gave me a lot of flexibility, the content is unmatched, you will have those Ah-ha moments throughout all of her teachings and meditations. Her zoom calls are something I look forward to so we can ask questions and as a group of people I have never met in real life I feel so close and empowered by all of them.

  Judith creates a confidential welcoming atmosphere where we can openly discuss and release. Nothing is off limits, if you ever felt like no one “gets you” or that your alone on your journey the environment Judith has created is one of support, love and healing. I’m so honoured to be apart of this program and to have Judith as a guide I know on my own I would not have been able to dig down to the real bare bones nitty gritty that my soul was calling for me to heal and awaken too. I feel more grounded and confident than ever even if I still can’t see the path clearly. I know that there is major transformation taking place."

Lisa Parkington -

(Reiki Master)

"I started the awakening journey not really knowing what to expect , but was interested in the spiritual healing journey. This process has been really interesting, informative and healing . I am starting to feel the shift in energies on my healing journey, healing the past , believing in myself again , and building my confidence which has been lost for a while. I have gained a part time job as part of my process.

  The learning is set at a pace where you can work at your own speed and revisit modules as often as you like, work books and meditations which are all downloadable and all set out methodically so you can work through. Group calls are important to share information, support each other and a safe space to discuss past traumas and feelings and building a friendship group. I’m excited to see where this healing process journey leads me."

Chaz Kafetzis -

Gemz Healing

"This process has been unbelievable for me! I have spent a lot of money in the past on all different therapies, but nothing has made any difference to me until I started Judith's 'Awakening' program. I am finally starting to release the trauma of my past and I have even set up my own business to help heal others too. The support and guidance Judith has given us all is amazing, and the other members of the group are so supportive as well. We are all on this healing journey together."

When does the program start and finish?​ 

This is a hybrid model. All the training presentations and meditations are pre-recorded so you can watch them in your own time, you have lifetime access to them and to the members only supportive FB community, therefore you can rewatch the modules as many times as you need, and there is no time restrictions or pressure. 

Will there be a replay?

YES! Every session is recorded and will be stored in the 'Guides' section in the private Facebook community for you to catch up on at your leisure.

What format is the content delivered in?

The program is a hybrid interactive group cohort. Each session will be pre-recorded on Zoom and stored in the 'Guides' and 'Featured' section of the private members only FB group. There is a LIVE group coaching call every Tuesday night live on Zoom, which is streamed into the private members only Facebook group. There will be workbooks too. The program will include some meditation, visualisations, and regression modalities.

What is the investment cost?

The price is only £590!  You can pay in full or spread the cost over 10 months at £59 a month...

(I don't believe in charging more to spread the cost like so many others do}

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds because you can cancel anytime as this is a no contract program. No refunds will be paid for part months. You can cancel your subscription at anytime but you will be taken out of the Facebook Group, and have no access to the program content. No refunds will be given if you have paid in full and you want to cancel, but I will send you all the recorded videos and workbooks if you would like them so you have the full program.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I can't wait to see you on the inside! Our live group coaching sessions are every Tuesday at 8pm UK time...

When you join you will receive an email with the link to the private members Facebook Group for the program.

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