Eliminating Fear & Self Sabotage

8 Week Intensive 1 : 1 Coaching Program

  • Heal your fears from the root causes 

  • Eliminate self sabotaging thoughts & behaviours

  • Discover root causes of your life & business blocks

  • Create a life free from fear forever

  • Learn how to manifest the abundant life you dream of

  • Step into complete spiritual empowerment

  • Become the highest version of yourself that you have always wanted to be


This 8 week intensive coaching & therapy program will completely change the life you are currently living. You will reprogram the negative limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a vicious circle in your life which will allow you to create the life you dream of and deserve. (All sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration except week 5 which is 2 hours)

  • Week 1:  Uncovering what fear really is and discovering the causes

  • Week 2:  Discovering what you are scared of and identifying your key influencers 

  • Week 3:  Identifying the correlation between your beliefs, thoughts, emotions & actions

  • Week 4:  Discovering the origins of your limiting beliefs and how they impact your life

  • Week 5:  Forensic deep dive regression session to uncover the roots of your fears and self sabotaging behaviours (using hypnosis)

  • Week 6:  Integration week  

  • Week 7:  Creating a new reality 

  • Week 8:  Freedom from fear forever! Connecting to intuition & inner guidance

                          Investment £847 (uk) - $1160 (us)

                     (Payment is taken in GBP, the price in $ is approximate)

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