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'Awakening' Spiritual Transformation & Healing Program

Hello beautiful soul!


Thank you for being here and for thinking about joining our amazing Spiritual Transformation & Healing online 12 month program....'AWAKENING'

I am SO excited for the journey you are about to embark on and how it will enhance your life for the better...

Are you ready to move away from living a limiting life towards living a limitless life?


This 12 month transformational group program is for you if you are interested in learning all about spirituality and you wish to deepen your understanding, awareness & connection to Universal Energies and develop your own intuition to receive guidance.


  Spirituality saved my life, literally...

This ​program is for those of you just starting out on your spiritual journey who wants to learn everything you can for your own spiritual self development, or if you have been on the path a while but want to learn how to heal your emotional struggles in life. This is for you if you feel:

  • Lost & confused a lot of the time

  • Like you have no purpose or cannot find yours

  • Like a rowing boat that has lost its oars

  • You are lacking direction in your life

  • That you make the same mistakes over and over

  • Anxious about the future

  • Stuck in certain areas of your life but can't find the blocks

  • Fearful about the decisions and choices you make

  • That the past keeps haunting you and you want to break free from it

  • Down a lot, or your mind runs a negative narrative 

  • Like you are just not good enough













Hi, I'm Judith Hindle, let me introduce myself...

am the bestselling author of the spiritual development book 'The True Meaning of life' which has reached #1 on Amazon three times since its release in 2018, and has helped many people who want to learn all about spirituality...

I am a Clairvoyant Medium, Therapist & Spiritual Teacher, who has helped over 100,000 people over the last seventeen years through my spiritual guidance readings, regression therapies, spiritual counselling and workshops. I serve clients globally over Zoom, and have met some amazing clients, including celebrities, and have featured on radio, national magazines and newspapers...

I love helping people to Release Their Past, Heal Their Present & Ignite Their Future, through spiritual understanding and development. I have been helping clients to heal their emotional struggles for fourteen years, and developed the 'Forensic Reprogramming Transformation Technique', which was part channelled by Spirit World, and forms the healing part of this program...


My mission is to empower you to become your own guru in life so you no longer have to suffer, and to teach you how to connect to your own inner guidance and intuition to help you connect to your individual purposes and fulfil your highest potential in your lifetime... 

How Will This Program Help Me?


This program will help you to heal your emotional struggles created from your past experiences by reprogramming your fears and self-sabotaging behaviours so they no longer control your mindset and choices in life, which will allow you to create love & abundance in all areas of your life and allow you to fulfil your highest potential and live your life with purpose and in total alignment, no longer feeling depressed about your past or anxious about your future.


You will no longer feel stuck or confused about your life as by the end of this program you will have complete direction, clarity, confidence & a clear and calm mind...


By the end of the program you will start putting yourself and your needs first, instead of last. You will stop people pleasing and comparing yourself to others. You will understand the whole of your life from a spiritual perspective which will allow you to no longer be a victim of life, just a powerful, manifesting, co-creator! 

'AWAKENING' Program Itinerary


5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening:

Stage 1 - Acceptance:

Week 1: Acceptance of self

Week 2: Acceptance of your life right now

Week 3: Acceptance of your past

Week 4: Acceptance of diseases of the mind & body Week 5: Acceptance of total personal responsibility Week 6: INTEGRATION WEEK


Stage 2 - Awareness:

Week 7:   Awareness of self

Week 8:   Awareness of connection to others

Week 9:   Awareness of connection to the planet

Week 10: Awareness of connection to the universe

Week 11: Awareness of God / Divinity / Infinite




Stage 3 - Connection:


Week 13: Connecting to self

Week 14: Connecting to others

Week 15: Connecting to the universe

Week 16: Connecting to God / Divinity / Infinite 

Week 17: Connecting to Abundance

Week 18: Connecting to manifesting frequencies




Stage 4 - Healing:


Week 20: The importance of healing ourselves

Week 21: Mind, Body & Soul connection

Week 22: Healing your past & forgiveness

Week 23: Healing from procrastination


Week 25: Start of the 'Forensic Reprogramming Transformation Technique'...(Fear Program)

Where does fear come from?

Week 26: What are we really scared of?

Week 27: How our beliefs are created


Week 29: How our limiting beliefs create our fears

Week 30: Group Regression Session: Finding our ROOT causes

Week 31: How our beliefs create the reality we live in Week 32: REPROGRAMMING INTEGRATION WEEK Week 33: REPROGRAMMING INTEGRATION WEEK


Stage 5 - Ascention:

Week 34: Creating your new reality

Week 35: Start of the '4 Pillars of Alignment'..Using your intuition to guide you

Week 36: Tapping into your limitless potential


Week 38: Trust in the Divine

Week 39: Surrender your need for control

Week 40: Live every day with love & gratitude

Week 41: It's a wrap! Q&A's

Inside the 'AWAKENING' community we bring you:

  • Bi-weekly live interactive classes

  • Private 'members only' Facebook group

  • Weekly live Spiritual Guidance messages

  • Monthly individual Medium readings on camera

  • Weekly Q&A session live 

  • Weekly live tips

  • Monthly Guest Expert session

  • 10% discount on all services provided by Judith

  • Priority booking on all workshops, books etc.;

  • All sessions are recorded to catch on replay

  • All teaching classes stored in an easy access guide

  • Can cancel anytime 

 There will be a live interactive class every fortnight on Zoom, which will be live streamed directly into a private 'members only' Facebook Group...So all you need for this wonderful experience is Zoom, (if you want to come on camera) or just a Facebook account...All sessions will be recorded and stored in the Facebook Group for you to catch up on replay if you miss the live session!                                   


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