Past Life Regression

Discover if your past is affecting your present in this past life regression session. You can use this session to just uncover who you have lived as before out of curiosity, or you can use it to help you Eliminate the 'Blocks' holding you back in your life or business...So many are held back from creating a life they desire because of old belief systems that they are not even consciously aware they are running because they have been carried over from a previous incarnation. These sessions will allow you to heal:

  • Negative Money Mindset

  • Confidence Issues

  • Romantic Love Relationships

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Indecision & Procrastination

  • Business Success Blocks

  • Self Image Issues & more...

                                 £125 (uk) - $177 (us)  2hrs

                         (Payment is taken in GBP, the price in $ is approximate)